sharpie art



Life drawing. I recall Paul Emsley leaning over my shoulder and whispering to me, tongue-in-cheek, “so James, are you going to make another beautiful drawing today?”. Not sure they were ever ‘beautiful’, but this is one of them.

character sheet ~ benjamin & bj

faces, ink


sketches, ink

Daughter 2 on her 7th birthday, and Winter Oak at the Noordhoek Common      

updike, levine, and …

John Updike, “America’s last true man of letters” was an interesting character. Not many know that his early desire was to be a cartoonist, and ironically, that the ‘cartoon connection’ was what engaged him in a literary relationship with The New Yorker, which itself greatly contributed to his rise in fame and influence. It must […]

sketches …

Pen and pencil drawings of the children from youngest to oldest, littlest excluded