for the love of land

  “The Cederberg is like no other place in South Africa, or even on earth … It is a unique world of fissured and cracked and crazed stone in every shade of ochre and sand and rose and rust. It is surrounded by mountain ridges like endless ranks of jagged teeth, and at sunset and […]

the curve of time

The Curve of Time is the astounding story of Muriel Wylie Blanchet, widowed in 1927, and who single-handedly adventured the coastal waters around here with her five children on a 25-foot boat named Caprice. This painting by famous Canadian marine artist, Harry Heine, perfectly provokes the mood of the text. Caprice and her adventurers add […]

look and feel canadian instantly …

(Spotted this product thanks to Basia and Paul Lieske!!) The flip-side continues … “You may have read about Canadians in books or watched documentaries about their country on TV. But you probably never imagined that you could be part of this alternative lifestyle … for less than the cost of a glass of beer. Now, […]

doggone dawkins

I think it was Chesterton who said that “I like a dog, so long you don’t spell him backwards” (see comments below). Which is just what Roald Dahl’s poor (dyslexic) Vicar of Nibbleswicke did: Imagine Mister Dawkins suffering from a form of dyslexic nightmare. The London Bus Campaign would no longer look like this … […]

world cup morning-after

Well that’s that then. Quite a show. And jolly well organised too. Let’s be honest, no-one thought we could pull it off like this! But, I do have the nagging doubt that it may be much like taking a seriously ill child for a day to the amusement park, only to tell her afterwards that […]

world cup spirit, world cup joy

The world will not have its great religions denied, and there is none more powerful than the god of soccer-football, currently embodied in the ‘spirit’ of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Like the gods of ancient times, access to the altar comes at the expense of the devotee. Worshippers will enrich FIFA by Billions. However, without […]