quite the gang …

o, the wonder!

two winter favourites


summer birthdays

Two sisters, two birthdays, lots of surprise balloons from a great friend, our favourite green field, some party guests, and there it was!         [Where are those balloons going?]

porridge … | 2 generations

  voer die fris fêrrie …

boy | 2 generations

  “A boy’s will is the wind’s will. And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  

three … is a magic number

For a while now, we have had a three year old in the house again, and I do not know how we got from here:   right past this:   and this:   and this:   and then a whole lot more:   all the way up to here: in a mere blink of the […]

first autumn | winter

a family called rudolph

Paul at 3sheds posted this Christmas Party clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GX0NTkCogs8 “… has a very shiny nose (echo: ‘like a light-bulb!’)”

here at last

family: somebody in our house …

… turned 9 this past week. Yes, it is hard to believe. From this … you went on to become a big sister once … twice … and three times … and here you are! Our wind-sand-and-stars!

family: mothers

Let Her Celebrate! Let the mother of many celebrate her numbers and glory in the ornaments which decorate her life. Let her not be swayed by the scoffers, nor riled by the ignorant. Let compassion be her way and humility guide her thinking. Let her pin her badge of many blessings to her breast and […]

family: have you done my post yet mom?

Our eldest (8), a lover of all things crafty and hands-on, surprised me when she came up with a fictional story she wrote to put on ‘our blog’. Here goes: BUDDY I had always wanted a dog, but my mom and dad said NO! One day we were walking in the mountain, when I heard […]

family: love is no wage

I am grateful to my children for teaching me that there is no earning in love. These treasures in little vases remind me. Love gifts for me that come back in small hands after a run down to the beach with dad. Gifts freely given and received. What remains to be earned, is trust. Is […]

family: adventure day

This last Saturday we went for a hike with the kids in our local mountains to go see the waterfall. We walked through cool damp fynbos, enjoying the morning stillness and sunshine until we could hear the rushing of the waterfall full with winter rain. The steep path had us clambering down to its base all […]