family: adventure day

This last Saturday we went for a hike with the kids in our local mountains to go see the waterfall. We walked through cool damp fynbos, enjoying the morning stillness and sunshine until we could hear the rushing of the waterfall full with winter rain. The steep path had us clambering down to its base all the while watching the white curtain tumbling down the rocks. The girls were so excited at the sight when we got to the bottom that they immediately braved the icy cold spray for a rather brief but exhilarating swim.


Every Saturday is ‘adventure day’ at our house, and that means that we try and spend the day outdoors. It is something that started when we had one child and a dog and we could not do the same long mountaineering trips we used to do before. The aim is simple: go for a walk in the mountain, find a good spot, enjoy the surroundings until everyone is explored-out, have a snack, and walk back.

I often leave my watch at home, so there is no time, just living in the present moment through the senses. Real rock, real water, real dirt, real smells, sun, rain, wind, flowers. We take a break from technological stimulus overload. And we get exercise, we chat, we make memories.

Mostly these days speak to us of God. The heavens tell His glory and their expanse declares the work of His hands; pours forth speech day by day (Ps 19).

We need to hear that speech to remind us of our earthiness, and of our belonging to the Father of this earth.

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