family: have you done my post yet mom?

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Our eldest (8), a lover of all things crafty and hands-on, surprised me when she came up with a fictional story she wrote to put on ‘our blog’. Here goes:


I had always wanted a dog, but my mom and dad said NO!

One day we were walking in the mountain, when I heard a dog bark. We used to have a collie named Mack but he died. That’s why I want a dog so much, but as I told you mom and dad said no.Then I heard a bark again. This time mom and dad heard it too. We stopped walking, then I saw a shaggy brown labrador. It was love at first sight and when I looked into dad’s eyes I knew I could keep him.

When we got home dad grinned at me and said, “Well, Zoe, I guess you can stop begging us for a dog now.”  I just smiled at him. Then dad said, “So what are you going to call this dog of yours?” I thought for a bit then I said ‘Buddy’. Buddy was only a puppy and I kept him for a long time.

I am 31 now. I have two kids and two dogs. I named the dogs Mack and Buddy too, and almost every day the kids beg me to tell them about how I got Buddy. So I wrote a story for them, the one you have just read.

2 Responses to “family: have you done my post yet mom?”

  1. At least your 31 year-old daughter didn’t name the kids Buddy and Mack.

  2. What a wonderful, sweet story… and so interesting to see a31-year-old future through the eyes of one just 8.

    I’m enjoying the blogging Krohns :-) Thanks too for the mothers poem: that’s one to keep and share.