here at last





















14 Responses to “here at last”

  1. Hi JB and crew.

    Looks simply fantastic! Hope you are all settled in. We miss you guys this side.


  2. JB & Corli
    Your new home and surrounds look incredible!
    You look like you are in a very special part of our God’s creation – how wonderful!
    Sorry we missed your call a couple of weekends ago – look forward to catching up soon.
    God bless you all.
    With love from all us Konsons

  3. Nice pics! the boat has an apt name i think…

    you said there were bears, you weren’t lying were you?

  4. Looks amazing! I pray your time here will be just as amazing!

  5. Hi Ant, Mike, Konsons and Courtneys

    Lovely to hear from you!

    Yes, there are bears around. See
    Also a few other creatures. See

    So, it is not all tame. Definitely not anymore now that there are some South Africans around …


  6. Good to see you settling in!

  7. Hi JB and Corli
    Looks absolutely fantastic. House is like a postcard and as for the buck – something out of Narnia!
    We pray for a wonderful and blessed stay in Canada.
    Enjoy! and God’s richest blessings
    Lex and Michelle

  8. Oh we are drooling over the pictures!!! I nearly fainted to see you guys in my feeder!!! It just looks glorious over there… Lots of lekker love to you all!!!

  9. Hi you guys
    these are photos are so heartening.
    what a beautiful place you are in.

    may God bless you and your work most richly

  10. Hi Krohns,
    fantastic to see that you made it to ‘the other side’..:) a small bit of your own heaven it looks like. really look fwd to hearing more- hope you’re setting in, and it already feels like home!
    blessings to you all Tanya

  11. Yo-o-o God is good! Your pictures are good! We will continue to pray for your ministry! We miss you guys!

  12. JB, Corli, kids
    Your corner of the vineyard doesn’t look too shabby:) Off course, it isn’t Cape Town, but just grin and bear it. It will get better in time:)

  13. Hey JB, Corli and company:

    Great to see your photos. Glad to have you back to the West Coast. Cannot wait to visit you on your turf or vice versa. We would love to have you over for a visit and stay…

    Look for our newsletter in the mail shortly.

    Best of regards,

  14. Hey guys…pics are awesome…what an amazing part of God’s creation you live in!!! Hope you guys are well and may the Lord bless you and use you powerfully that side…thanks for the email…was great to hear from u!!! Keep in touch lotsa love