certainty to act

The following is an excerpt from Charles Ringma’s book Life in Full Stride*. It emphasises courage as complementary to dependence in the life of faith …

The Lord said to Abraham, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1)

God is not there as a cover for our insecurities. He does not want us to be afraid of life and we cannot use him to fight life’s battles for us. God is not meant to be a crutch.

To believe in God does not mean that we do not believe in our own abilities. To look to God for help does not mean that we are helpless. It means, rather, that we want to pattern our lives according to God’s ways and to please him in the things we do.

We are also responsible for ourselves. We are not to be non-persons so that God can be all in all. Instead, we are to be persons of courage, strength and commitment. For this reason (and not just because of our weaknesses) we yield ourselves to God.

When Jesus taught that a man should love God with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his mind (Matthew 22:37), he envisaged a person dynamic in his emotional, volitional and intellectual life, responding to God in love.

In the story of Abram’s call to leave his country, we see a vivid picture of his strength of response. Abram, in responding to God’s challenge, displayed a certainty that he had heard aright, even though it seemed preposterous that he should pack his bags and leave his country. He was not racked by self-doubt. Abram believed God’s word and believed enough in himself to act upon that word. There was no vacillation or irresolution in Abram. There was the willingness to listen. The strength to believe. The courage to obey—to embark on an uncertain journey.

The life of faith is not something that [only] breeds dependence, but, [also], boldness and fortitude. God’s word to us always brings the challenge of obedience. That obedience is asked of us as free individuals. In making an obedient response, we affirm our persons as much as we honour God.

* Life in Full Stride (Regent College Publishing, 2004, pp.51-52)

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