look and feel canadian instantly …

Canadian 1.1.jpg

(Spotted this product thanks to Basia and Paul Lieske!!)

The flip-side continues …

“You may have read about Canadians in books or watched documentaries about their country on TV. But you probably never imagined that you could be part of this alternative lifestyle … for less than the cost of a glass of beer.

Now, for a limited time, ***Productions offers you the unique opportunity to look and feel Canadian. Instantly experience an enhanced appreciation of fresh water lakes, rippling streams, moose, squirrels, bears, maple syrup, and loons. Discover simple pleasures like trout fishing, snowshoeing, weiner roasts, and campfire sing-a-longs. And best of all, look and feel Canadian!”

Who can resist?

3 Responses to “look and feel canadian instantly …”

  1. Or, as some other advertisers have it:
    “Deep down, we all envy those charming, simple people to our north. While we Americans spread out around the world getting in all sorts of trouble, those carefree Canadians just go about their happy lives — trout fishing, snowshoeing, and chugging down maple syrup. If you’ve ever wondered what it actually feels like to be Canadian, here’s an amazing opportunity. “Look and Feel Canadian Instantly Breath Spray” allows you to experience the essence of Canada firsthand! Just close your eyes and spray a little of this peppermint-flavored miracle into your mouth. In your mind, you’ll see the snow capped mountains of Saskatchewan, you’ll hear the rushing streams of Edmonton, you’ll smell the pungent moose droppings of Manitoba. Of course, once you open your eyes, you’ll be back in the U.S.A. But the lingering peppermint flavor will remind you of the time you were almost a Canadian. And for the rest of your life, you’ll find plaid shirts just a little less annoying.”
    Or, …
    “Ah, our mysterious neighbors to the north. Living the good life while we are all stuck here in George W. Dumbass Land. Well we can’t all move there, but maybe we would feel a little better if we at least looked and felt Canadian. A little spritz in the mouth and all of a sudden you’re talkin in a funny accent and fishing and not starting wars.”

  2. hey?

  3. how bout this one?http://spiritwaterblood.com/pix/believe-in-god-breath-spray.jpg

    PLEASE note, i’m not reading the website…was looking for the pic only!