three … is a magic number

For a while now, we have had a three year old in the house again, and I do not know how we got from here:



right past this:

IMG 1416


and this:



and this:

IMG 1399 2


and then a whole lot more:

IMG 4737

IMG 6764


all the way up to here:

IMG 9841

IMG 9914

in a mere blink of the eye.

What I do know: it has been sweet!

2 Responses to “three … is a magic number”

  1. Oh sob!!! So far away!!! What a cute little guy, and all grown up with a haircut!!! Looks just like his Dad!!! Would you look at that swooshy, mooshy delightful third pic!!! Totally wonderfully brilliant. Memories!!! Love it!!!

  2. This is so beautiful – your joy is infectious